20 Hours in Vienna


Despite what Instagram and Facebook feeds may say, almost every trip has a low point. Maybe it’s the day you woke up a *tad* hungover and had to drive for an hour and a half just to catch a bus headed for another city up north…and you get car sick. Maybe it’s that city that just didn’t meet your (unreasonably) high expectations and seemed as if it belonged in a theme park instead of the quaint little town of your dreams. Maybe it’s the couple of hours you spent hangry while searching for an acceptable place to eat lunch. Or maybe you and your travel companion just couldn’t agree on what to do and you spent the majority of the day grumpy at each other. (None of these things have ever happened to us…) For our Central Europe trip, that low point was Vienna. It’s not Vienna’s fault. No, I’m sure Vienna is a lovely city full of amazing things just waiting for us to experience. No, the fault lies squarely with us, with our poor planning, over scheduling, and just general road-weariness. And maybe a little with Mother Nature. She sure didn’t help matters. Continue reading