Ancient Athens


This is why you come to Athens. To see the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora…the most magnificent remnants of ancient Greece. This was definitely why I went to Athens; it was a top bucket list item for me. There is just something about knowing that you’re walking where people of an ancient, great civilization once walked, worshiped, worked, and lived. There are so many ancient sites scattered here and there around the city it’s hard to hit everything in a short amount of time, but we did our best without trying to cram too much into two short days. Continue reading

Around Athens

Ferries and Airbnbs

DSC00577 DSC00585

We had 5.5 hour ferry ride from Naxos to Athens, but it afforded some beautiful views which helped to pass the time. I think I spent most of the ride hanging over the side staring at Greek islands floating by. It was obvious when we were approaching Athens – the number of ships increased dramatically and a row of cruise ships was visible in the harbor. We all piled into the area where the cars are stored and spilled out into the Greek sun. We’d arrived in Athens! Continue reading

Halki, Naxos


While in Naxos we took a [weather induced] break from the beach and headed inland, to explore the mountain village of Halki. Initially we chose the town because it is home to the Villindras Distillery, maker of the traditional citron liquor famous in this part of the world, but we quickly found this charming town had a lot more to offer. We caught the bus in Naxos Town and drove through some pretty mountain scenery on our way to our destination. One thing we could never quite figure out were the bus timetables. We had the time that the bus left the first stop on the route, but not the times it would arrive at each of the stops. We did a lot of waiting for buses on this trip. Continue reading

Soaking Up the Sun on Naxos, Greece


After Santorini we headed to the island of Naxos, a short 2 hour ferry ride from Thira. Oh Naxos. When I pictured a Greek island before I’d been to Greece, this is the image I conjured in my mind, beyond Santorini of course. This island was a laid back, friendly, Greek paradise. It’s not as popular with foreign tourists as some of the other islands, so it’s much less crowded and a little more authentic. Continue reading

Santorini: Akrotiri and the Beaches

*Sorry for the long absence – the MBA program has left me no free time to blog at all! Who would have thought. I finally managed to squeeze in a post in-between assignments (maybe as a form of procrastination….), but the rest will probably have to wait until winter break. Hopefully then I can at least get caught up through the end of summer!*

We had three days in Santorini, so our second and third days were spent exploring the beaches, historic sites, and arguably the most famous town on the island, Oia. Besides the three main towns of Fira, Imerovigli, and Oia, the top sites I wanted to visit were the Red Beach, the Black Beach (Perissa), and Akrotiri. Continue reading